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Anshoo Mittal, born in 1989, is a budding author from Mumbai, India. Known for his captivating novel 'The Dark Whispers,' Anshoo brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to his writing with a double post-graduate degree in Business Management. Alongside his writing career, he serves as a co-director in Parveen Industries, an oil company. His passion for exploration has taken him on numerous adventures, fueling his inspiration for writing. Anshoo finds solace in travel and believes in immersing himself in different cultures and experiences to broaden his horizons. Naturally curious, Anshoo's life's mantra is to always seek knowledge. He embraces every opportunity to learn and grow, constantly expanding his horizons. His insatiable curiosity drives him to explore diverse subjects, gaining insights that find their way into his thought-provoking storytelling. Beyond his literary pursuits, Anshoo has a keen interest in space and the mysteries it holds. He finds inspiration in the vastness of the universe and the possibilities it presents. In his free time, Anshoo enjoys experimenting with different artistic mediums, having dabbled in canvas painting and creating unique designs on t-shirts.

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The Dark Whispers
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