Why Damick Publications?

1. We are a house of Bestsellers.
The CEO of Damick Publications is the author of bestselling novel “I Miss You Love”. According to him an author knows the need of an author and that’s where our goals meet. Every good book deserves to be a bestselling novel and we adhere to make you the best among the greatest.
2. Professionalism is the key to success.
To write a book is an art but to publish it and to make it a success, we need perfect professional work to be done to make it the best fit in the market. We have the best freelancing team to help your outstanding work to be known.
3. Awesome Packages for your awesome book.
Right from publishing to marketing and making it available in the market, we have the pre designed packages ready according to your needs.
4. Become a Brand not a band.
There is a difference between the two. Instead of being a hooter to sell your book be a smart worker and market your book in the best way to tap into the reader’s heart. We suggest you the ways to gain the market attention and sell your book without any hassle.
5. Highest Royalty.
Why you get paid less when you give your 100%? Your efforts are precious and we value your hard work. At Damick Publications we make sure that you earn a 100% author profit share on each book sold.
6. Quick response from us.
We understand your queries better and we are committed to solve them as soon as possible. Therefore we respond to all your queries within 24 hrs.
7. Transparency is our prime motive.
You are the creator of your story and you should therefore know each and every process of publishing. You need to be there as key decision maker at every stage of publishing. Therefore we move to the next step only after you approve the previous one.
8. You deserve to be called as the creator of your story.
All the rights of the story remain with the author. We are just providing a platform for you to be visible. As the saying goes “Jo dikhta hai wo Bikta hain.”