Damini Aggarwal - Advocate | Writer | Poet

Damini Aggarwal

Advocate | Writer | Poet

Born in Bagdogra, West Bengal and raised in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, Damini is an Advocate by profession. Being a passionate poet, prolific storyteller and eloquent speaker, she aims to touch millions of hearts. A daughter of an Airman and a lady with courage, she is constantly working towards the betterment of society. She loves to write blogs, travel and explore the world. She founded an online writing & media publishing platform in 2016 named ‘LiFT’ and has co-founded ‘Damick Publications’, a Delhi based publishing house with an aim to promote writers and their skills. She has co-authored many national and international books. ‘What’s Your Story, Stranger?’ is her debut novel and currently, she is working upon her next story.
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