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Fazal Rehman

Fazal Rehman born in Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir embodies the qualities of a lifelong learner, studied Botany, Philosophy, and Project Management Consultancy. He has worked as a Faculty member at the JK Bank Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Rajouri where he helped educate and train rural communities on entrepreneurship and self-employment. He is very passionate for community development and has worked on several initiatives to promote livelihood, vocational training, and sustainable development in rural areas. He has worked as a research fellow at the Centre for Biodiversity Studies, BGSB University, and as Intern worked at IIIM, Jammu. Apart from his work, Fazal Rehman is an avid reader and loves to explore new opportunities. His love for Books has inspired him to write “Making Bold Move” which reflects his Insights on the importance of taking bold decisions in life.

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Making Bold Move
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