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I Miss You Love

Author: Chandra Kant Jaisansaria
9 customer review(s) 4.4 star rating out of 5
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About the Book

You often go for trips and outings with friends to explore the beauty of this world but have you ever expected that trip to turn out as the biggest mistake of your life? What if you get punished for the sin that you never committed? Will you lose all your strength and give up or will you fight against the odds to save yourself and your loved ones? ‘I Miss You Love’ is a tale of Friendship, Love and Sacrifice. A story of five youngsters who planned a weekend trip to Mcleodganj unknowing the fact that it might be the last trip of their life – a trip which would give them the utmost happiness but would also bring the sorrows to shatter them to the core. A journey from life to the death and survival that would prove innocence to be the biggest threat to someone’s life. What would happen to those youngsters? Will they ever come back to their home again? Let’s flip through the pages and know the beginning as the end is something which is …..?

About Author

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria is the bestselling author of the novel ‘It’s Still Complicated’. After having spent most of his life in Sardar Shahar, a small town in Rajasthan, CK is currently based in Delhi. To add on to his professional career, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Post Graduate Degree in Management and Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM (Delhi). He is the founder of a publishing venture called Damick Publications, which is established to provide a platform to the debut authors. According to him, a business is a cocktail, the more flavours an individual adds to the business the more it flourishes. Be it his gym workout or his office working hours, he is always 100% charged to take up any challenge.

  • Title: I Miss You Love
  • ISBN: 978-81-936246-9-2
  • Format: Paperback
  • Date of Publication: 24 Oct, 2018
  • Language: English
  • Category: Horror

No. of Pages 204
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 5 x 1 x 8 IN
All 9 Review(s) for I Miss You Love
  • mehak kaur
    mehak kaur

    on 04 Nov, 2023

    I so so am in love with this book........best spooky story ever. It gave me chills from the very start and the suspense remains till the end. The lil poems in between makes it romantic. Perfect book for Halloween ?

    5 star rating out of 5
  • Manglam Tiwari
    Manglam Tiwari

    on 01 Jul, 2023

    I had never read any books in horror genre. I always thought that how can i possibly feel fear just by reading. But i was so wrong. I gave this book a try and i legit felt goosebumps while reading it. Trust me i was overwhelmed with emotions when i was reading the end part of the books. I love this book... This is my first book in horror genre and i absolutely love it. I am sure my words won't justify the book. I must say that anyone who is reading this review must give this book a try. I'm sure you will love it. ????????

    5 star rating out of 5
  • Elita Coutinho
    Elita Coutinho

    on 15 May, 2023

    So where should I start, as a fellow reader I was exploring the horror genre,I came through @ckbansal23 .... And let me tell u he didn't disappoint, this book is a perfect combination of love, friendship and horror which will send chills down your spine ... The book is fast paced , so I could finish it within 1 day but got too scared to finish it at night.... The characters and the story are well developed .. If you are looking for a good horror read this is a must try (⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)

    5 star rating out of 5
  • Diksha Sharma
    Diksha Sharma

    on 10 May, 2023

    The story perfectly build with friendship + love + sacrifice + horror + the suspense which keeps you at your toe to reach at its end! It's a story of five youngsters with an urge to explore the beauty of Mcleodganj (HP) unaware of the danger awaiting for them - the tri that gave them utmost happiness with the biggest sorrows of their lives. "I miss you love" is a flawlessly assembled novel with various emotions & must be read by any novel lover.

    5 star rating out of 5
  • Lipika Ghosal
    Lipika Ghosal

    on 06 May, 2023

    *I MISS YOU LOVE* is a really just awesome epic one horror fiction. I love it so much ❤️. I must suggest that everyone should have read this coz the story is really very very interesting & specially u never feel bore while reading the story. The way *Chandra Kant Jaisansaria* Sir describes the natural beauty of Mcleodganj, I really fall in love with this beautiful place & yaa I wanna go there sometime. Those 5 characters, their bonding, the love, the desire, the romance & specially the main important thing the suspense of the whole story, it rocks the entire story, in one word the story is just awesome ????. All characters are seriously awesome but I like most Aaryan's character, uff this man ???? & I think *I MISS YOU LOVE* this name is really perfect for this story ✨.

    4 star rating out of 5
  • Priyanka Gadre
    Priyanka Gadre

    on 21 Jun, 2022

    Amazing fictional story,Complete combination of love, friendship and horror. Must read.. Expecting more horror stories

    1 star rating out of 5

    on 15 Jan, 2022

    That's insane you must read the book full of suspense nd horror I wanna just say one sentence I just loved it ♥️

    5 star rating out of 5
  • Damini Aggarwal
    Damini Aggarwal

    on 31 Dec, 2021

    An amazing storyline that will keep you gripped all through the book. A must read

    5 star rating out of 5
  • DeeKSHA Sharma
    DeeKSHA Sharma

    on 27 Dec, 2021

    Amazing story

    5 star rating out of 5
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