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Rani Sahyadri

Author: Vipin Bhandare
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About the Book

A thirteenth-century saga of a brave princess lost in the pages of history.

A Throne. The last Heir.

Rani Sahyadri is on the run, chased by her arch-enemy attempting to murder her. They intend to eradicate the last heir to the kingdom of Punakka germinating in the warmth of her womb. She has vowed to give birth and protect her child, the next ruler of Punakka. A hot pursuit ensures a battle for survival.

Those nine months of a woman’s life are like a dream, but for Sahyadri, they are a nightmare.

For eighteen years, the venomous Nagdaksha has been burning in the fire of revenge, hoping to conquer Punakka and slaughter his younger brother Maharaja Punak, father-in-law of Sahyadri. Aided by his two sons, Anandpal and Jaypal, he turns the kingdom to dust. Darkness spreads across the province like poison would spread through the body, turning it lifeless and stone-cold.  Clouds of terror and trepidation loom over the land and all hope is lost. Every claim to the throne is beheaded and the only rightful bearer now lies in Sahyadri’s womb. What follows is deceit and treachery and every being's loyalty is under suspicion. Will Nagdaksha succeed in his murderous attempts? What cost will Sahyadri have to pay, to give birth to her child? Will the heir be born?

About Author

Vipin Bhandare is an Interior designer by profession and a qualified Media and Mass Communication student from Pune. His native town is Ichalkaranji and he completed his schooling at Panchgani, amongst the serene and beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges. It is here that he drew inspiration from his childhood memories and penned this book. You can reach him at 2bhandarevipin@gmail.com; or follow him on Instagram @vipin.bhandare or Twitter @vipinbhandare16

  • Title: Rani Sahyadri
  • ISBN: 978-81-955564-8-9
  • Format: Paperback
  • Date of Publication: 24 Jan, 2023
  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical Fiction

No. of Pages 360
Weight 350 g
Dimensions 5 x 1 x 8 IN
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