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Abishek Balakumar

I make stories that everyone can read

Abishek CB is the co-owner of CVR Green Grocer- Chengalpattu. This Chennai lad is the son of Balakumar CR and Vijayalakshmi B. A memoir at 23 is not everyone's cup of tea, but young and top author Abishek CB did it. He has sold hundreds of copies of the book that is based on his own life. As a Reader in Government School, he supports underprivileged children and counsels them for their betterment by conducting several educational programs. He is passionate about working for the cause of the poor in Tamil Nadu by organizing different types of fundraising activities. He often had a thought of why Indian black and brown children not seeing themselves reflected in the books and characters which impacted him, and he loved so dearly all kids which have been inspired to create art and meaningful stories so that underrepresented children can see themselves in books. He is excited about the overlap between art and writing. His next book will be Children's book – Chapter books or Early readers depends on how God drives him. As an author, he heroes those who feel stuck and powerless and show them how to regain their self-belief and motivation. Also, Abishek creates art and creative tales to inspire you to become the artist you were born to be.
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Books Published He Shrugged Unapologetically, Before the Flames Could Rest,
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